Create Don’t Copy

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It’s another day for a lovely outfit idea. An original collection brought to you by Dezigner Collections.

After finding the cutest pair of FSJ mesh ankle booties with zipper, I spent hours figuring out what would work well with them. I went through many pieces which includes black faux leather leggings with a turtleneck leopard printed top, olive green sweater dresses, cardigans, sleeveless jackets etc. I went to bed very tired and woke up in the wee hours of the  morning and started working again. My eyes paying the price. I eventually settled on this off shoulder mini blazer dress and a Sam Edelman Silvia Iron box. Simple but I was satisfied.

While it took only three pieces to complete this look, hours went into finding the right combination. So imagine how one feels having persons calling themselves “content creators” stamping their logo on work you’ve done. Post dates makes all the difference.


Mini Blazer Dress

Mesh Ankle Bootie

Silvia Iron Box

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