Chic Classy Collections featuring outfits for every occasion. Shopping available via website. Dezigner Collections is affiliated with Amazon so step 1 is to sign up for an Amazon account at amazon.com. There are links provided at the end of every post for each item on our website. These and every other link labeled Amazon will take you to amazon.com where you can view items and make a purchase.

We are also affiliated with Amazon UK and Amazon Canada to facilitate shopping for persons living in those countries. All pricing and shipping information and also reviews and descriptions are available from amazon.

Follow these guidelines for the best online shopping experience… ONLINE SHOPPING has its advantages and disadvantages because where going physically to view items in a store, you are able to feel the texture and see exactly what you’re getting immediately, online this is not possible. It is therefore very important to READ THE DESCRIPTION AND REVIEWS to see what others have to say about the item you are about to purchase. Ensure that reviews you read are from verified buyers. You can find this info when shopping on amazon.

COMPARE PRICES so you don’t end up spending too much on an item that you could have purchased from another seller for much less. Ensure that the item is of the same quality first as this may not be the case as I’ve discovered. This is one of the reasons why reviews are important.

SIZE CHARTS are very useful when shopping on amazon because there is a wide variety of sellers from different regions. For example some sellers are from Asia and the sizes there run very small. Though you may wear a ‘SMALL’ , an Asian ‘SMALL’ may be one or two sizes below the US ‘SMALL’

. If you live OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES and would like to shop on amazon for items from our posts, you can find out by doing a search on Google for the list of international countries amazon ships to. Make sure yours is on the list.